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• Seeks to assist HR and non-HR professionals, legal and finance professionals with a detailed overview of the employment law,
• Examines the development and current state of labour legislation and regulation,
• Helps HR and senior professionals and their institutions to shape and amend their practice, policies and procedures to meet and implement all the necessary legal and regulatory requirements)


This program will cover important articles of Labour Law critical for HR Professionals. The main topics of coverage and learning outcomes are set out below


1) To empower participants with essential knowledge of the Omani Labour Law from three Perspectives: the law itself, the Ministry of Manpower practice, and the Court practice,
2) To provide participants with the basic knowledge needed to understand the articles of thelaw so as to enable them to apply them to their company-specific situations,
3) To enable participants to understand key issues related to the management of employees and workplace,
4) To explain legal controls in order to protect the rights of the organisation in case of violations by the employees,
5) To acquaint participants with principles derived from judicial application of the Labour Law and how to benefit from such principles,
6) To demonstrate the criticality of certain provisions of labour law for finance professionals,
7) To provide participants with an opportunity to ask questions freely and understand similar issues in other organizations