Labour LAW

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To empower participants with essential knowledge of the Omani Labour Law from three Perspectives: the law itself, the Ministry of Manpower practice, and the Court practice, To provide participants with the basic knowledge needed to understand the articles of the law so as to enable them to apply them to their company-specific situations, To enable participants to understand key issues related to the management of employees and the workplace, To explain legal controls in order to protect the rights of the organisation in case of violations by the employees, To demonstrate the criticality of certain provisions of labour law for finance professionals, To provide participants with an opportunity to ask questions freely and understand similar issues in other organisations.


This program will cover important articles of Labour Law critical for HR Professionals. The main topics of coverage and learning outcomes are set out below


• Determining contract terms and types: – Fixed and open-term contracts; – Contracts with probation periods • Types of leaves and related issues – Annual, Emergency, Special and Sick leaves • Legal working hours; overtime hours, weekly rest • Salaries and deductions • Penalty for loss / damage • Different situations for termination of contract and its implications, for e.g. termination on reaching age 60. • Employer’s and Employee’s obligations • Employee misconduct • Summary dismissal • Unfair dismissal. • Calculation and management of financial implications • Calculation of End-of-Service benefits • End-of-Service formalities.


• Gain critical understanding of the nature, implementation and enforcement of the employment contracts; • Interpret the key legal texts and terms; • Show understanding of the complexity and the importance of the legal relationship between the employers and employees and identify the rights of each; • Put into practice the extensive statutory regulations governing the HR at workplace as well as the legal implications of violation and/or faulty implementation; • Learn practical ways to deal with issues surrounding leaves, benefits, complaints and other disciplinary issues; • Identify, assess and evaluate current policies and procedures and amend them in line with the regulatory changes and protect the organization from legal penalties / implications. • Show understanding of the key formalities of closing and appropriately calculate End of Service Benefits in different scenarios.